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In last 3 months there have been 14 new launches. Of these latest Renault Cars the most recent one is Renault B58 priced at Rs 6.00 lakh. Of these launches the ones that are most popular are Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxE Adventure, Renault Duster 1 Lakh Edition, Renault Pulse RxL, Renault Pulse RxL Optional, Renault Pulse Petrol RxL, Renault Pulse RxZ, Renault Pulse Petrol RxE, Renault Pulse Petrol RxZ, Renault Scala RxZ CVT Travelogue, Renault Scala RxL CVT Travelogue. The cheapestCarslaunched in last 3 months is Renault Pulse Petrol RxE priced at Rs.4.46 lakh and the most expensive one launched is Renault Scala RxZ CVT Travelogue priced at Rs. 10.51 lakh. ....view more
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    Release date: 30 Jul, 2014
    Seating Capacity : 5
    Steering Type : Power
  • Audi A3
    Release date: 10 Aug, 2014
    HighWay Avg : 14.2
    Transmission Type : Manual
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    Release date: 19 Aug, 2014
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    Steering Type : Power
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