Skoda Yeti
Updated On: 25 April 2014

Skoda Yeti

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Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti Description


Skoda Yeti is a robust looking SUV, with some quick resembles to its other family breed of Skoda. The hood with simple curves immediately makes you realize "that" human touch while in  design that Skoda have maintained  while keeping the looks still modern & techno.  The name ‘Yeti’ cleanly embossed on their edges elegantly. The flared out wheel arches also adds some muscularity to the Yeti along with those look smacking 16 inch alloy wheels. Dual chrome plated roof rails come standard in elegance.

The 140 Bhp diesel engine of Skoda Yeti is an astonishing performer. Skoda Yeti swifts to 100kmph from a standstill position in under 13 seconds. Turbo lag from the engine is very minimum, push the accelerator in any gear and the Yeti just hurls forward with ease. A true top-speed of 170 kmph is quite manageable and, the engine still has lots of caliber in it to take on. The gearing ratios are just perfect for both city and highway drives. It just cruises at 100 kmph at 1750 rpm in sixth gear, which makes driving a lot relaxed without putting strain on the engine. High-speed stability is also must mention with this Yeti, thanks to the 215/60 R16 tires. It absorbs all our bumpy-roads & dents at all speeds and rarely shakes the cabin inside. Steering inputs are precise and it obeys the master at all times, Braking is also good due to ABS along with discs in all four wheels, the vehicle comes to a halt from any speed without  tires loosing traction. One mostly look at the fuel efficiency figures after considering the price of a car. Well, Skoda has given a great balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Skoda Yeti can deliver 12 - 13 kmpl in city and up to 17 kmpl on highways, with fuel tank capacity of 60 liters; you can cruise for Great Indian Road Trips” easily without worrying about re-fuelling. And this is where the lesser weight and compact size does the trick. So one can say, Skoda Yeti is a perfect blend of a luxury sedan with muscles of an SUV, that too at a spot-on price tag. Thanks to the compact dimensions, this SUV is not a pain to drive in tight traffic of cities and once you find an empty road, it shoots ahead all. Only point to be considered is if Skoda’s after sales is near you, otherwise the weak network could become one of the major cause to spoil the party, and this is specifically the area where Skoda still needs to improve. Overall, considering the target audience, and the lifestyle SUV tag with which Skoda is promoting this car, we clearly believe that these dimensions of Yeti are totally justified.

Skoda Yeti

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